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                                                                                  A personal email from Ival Lins

Dear George, dear Eddie,dear musicians, arrangers,

I'm answering you all just after seeing this spectacular promo video.
I'm still crying. I'm still not accustomed to this kind of tribute. In certain way, I feel, still (everybody tells me I should understand what my music represents to so many musicians around the world), that my music is not sufficient to provoque this kind of tribute. So intense, so creative, so sincere, so daring, so deeply beautiful. My god. Maybe is because this kind of tribute is arriving in the last 8 years. After 42 years not giving,myself, the real importance my music deserved. I always loved the great music done by so many musicians, songwriters, arrangers,in my country, in U.S.,and around this incredible planet. Music is my life, my sixth sense,my almost everything. And that imense music being done,specially, in the last 7 decades, has a small part of my music. Eddie, I'm a great fan of yours, since the 80ths. Bob,the same. When I listened both at Oscar Castro-Neves house.
To finish this long text, I would like to say I'm immensely grateful to all of you.
Stay well all of you,folks.
Love you.


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