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                     Lessons With Eddie


Lessons with Eddie Daniels
Gary Meggs, Director of Bands, University of Arkansas at Monticello

Hi Eddie,
I hope you, your wife and your dog are all doing well. Things have improved here. My wife is much better thank goodness.

I wanted to let you know that I auditioned for the Glenn Miller Orchestra and got the gig. I had to play clarinet, flute and sax and improvise on all. I could not have done this without your teaching. so you really have changed my life and led to one of my life long dreams coming true. I have always wanted to play in a great big band.

I am leaving April 14th and will play at least through December. By the way, the best thing you ever told me was "Don't worry about what you didn't do in the past, Look what you can do for the rest of your life" That has stuck with me. I use that on all of my students and that statement has added quality to every new day I get.

Thanks again for your friendship and guidance. I look forward to coming back to see you next year.


Gary Meggs

Day 1- Eddie welcomed me to his home and studio in a manner that made me feel welcome and relaxed.

I warmed up a little on my alto and Eddie did the same. His precision, smoothness and control of the sax was just incredible. I was immediately inspired and reminded of why I was there.

We began working out of the real book and improvising a little. After I played my improvised solo Eddie asked just exactly what do you want to learn. I explained that my solos were old, stagnant and boring to me. I told him that I wanted to play smooth and connected through the changes just like you do, and have the same relaxed, non- hard working appearance while sounding great.

WOW! Here we went!!! We began working through the circle of 4ths by playing 3 to 1 all the way around. Then we did the first part of Ornithology and played it through the circle of 4ths and using the numbers of scale tones to force me to think about what I was playing not just using my ear. Then we took that same part of Ornithology and transferred it to the tune All of Me. For the first time in years new ideas began to form over older tunes. I am one 49 year old excited dude!!!!!

After my first lesson I realize a new and better concept for improve has been revealed to me for the first time ever.

I can't wait to get back tomorrow and learn more.

Day 2 - We started right out on a transcribed Charlie Parker solo. Eddie played the piano and I read the solo. I thought it went pretty well. Then Eddie played the solo in the perfect Charlie Parker style. The style difference was really amazing. Like two different languages. Eddie worked with me on certain patterns until I played the correct language. It was so cool. Afterwards we took the most difficult lick and began playing it in different keys. I said, I can't do that right now. WRONG! Once again Eddie unlocked the secret of how to make the transfer with more ease than I know existed. I am blown away.

Day3- Today we worked on ii five one through several keys in a way that helped me connect my creative sentences from chord change to chord change. I am a new player after only 3 days of lessons.

I have never in my life had such an incredible music experience. I will be taking lessons from Eddie Daniels as long as he will teach me. My students that I teach are so motivated by the new techniques Eddie shared with me. I encourage all jazz educators to take a lesson with Eddie. He will change you and your student's lives.

Lessons with Eddie Daniels
Gary Meggs
Director of Bands
University of Arkansas at Monticello

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